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  • Local Flavours

    The Kutchis are passionate about cooking, eating and feeding not just families and friends but even friends’ friends. ‘Nashta’ is the answer for all kinds of hunger- big or small. They will carry home cooked food while traveling, on picnics, any and everywhere and will gladly share it with you. Even if you politely refuse, they will tell you not to feel shy and cajole you and hand you a plateful of nashta and tell you to have a ‘pait (stomach) full’...

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  • What to Shop

    Against the serene white desert of Kutch what stands out is a riot of colours that is evident in the artwork, handicrafts, clothes and accessories typical to this region of Gujarat. When you buy hand- crafted products native to this region don’t feel guilty at splurging rather pride yourself at not only owning a piece of culture, tradition and art but also at having contributed in helping preserve the same...

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  • Birdwatching in Kutch

    On our weeklong visit to Kutch, one of the must do items on our itinerary was to set aside a day exclusively for bird watching. Having a trained ornithologist and wildlife photographer as my better half means being able to get close to nature and admire the avian beauties and other wild life...

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